Tabletop Breeze™ Diffuser Machine

Product Description

Meet the Tabletop Breeze™ Aromatherapy & Scent Branding Air Diffuser.

What is it?

You can blow out those scented candles and unplug those wall fragrances. The Tabletop Breeze™ has finally arrived for home-use with its sleek and compact design. Eliminate odors and make your home smell exactly how you want it. Our diffuser uses essential oils to fragrance any space you desire.

How does it work?

This aromatherapy diffuser uses Pacific Breeze’s simple proprietary blend of essential oils and odor counteractants, and works great in any setting. 

Where do I put it?

This beautiful diffuser looks and works great in your home living room, basement, or entertainment area. Also great for professional settings as well in apartment building offices, medical offices, living common areas, jewelry stores, hotels, casinos, and many more… 

Why should I get a Tabletop Breeze?

• It's beautiful sleek simple design

• Scent your home or office exactly how you want

• Requires no wall-mount installation or complicated setup

• Safe and effective

• Automatic operation mode

Available in 2 colors - Jet Black or Sleek Silver

Sleek Silver
Jet Black
$ 179.95 $ 279.95