Vacuum Bars™ Multi-Purpose Deodorant Bars

Product Description

Deodorize with our popular fragrances! Vacuum Bars™ help keep many different places such as your home, living area, office, closet, garage, work space, car, vacuum bag, etc. Vacuum Bars™ are perfect for eliminating odors! Simply open the package, drop bar into a new vacuum bag or place inside your vacuum filter. This will eliminate all the musty and dusty smells through oxidation. We use a formulation of high quality odor counteractants that actually kills malodors, and then imparts a pleasant, high quality background fragrance.

For best results, replace vacuum bag and bar each month.

Flavors Available: Sacred Paradise, Black Bamboo, Fresh Orange, Sparkling Water, and Vanilla Bean!

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Each Qty: 1-10 Summer Breeze
$ 8.95